Outdoor Lighting Tips

Lighting your outdoors in not only necessary for décor and good appearance, but also safety. We use outdoor lighting to safely navigate into our home in the evening hours, when the natural light of the sun no longer illuminates your home. Outdoor lighting is also the number one deterrent for robberies and burglaries, and we would like to give you a few expert tips on proper placement for outside lights so as to maximize both great style and safe keeping.

The first rule of thumb, illuminate all of your entrances and exits. Keep windows illuminated through the use of in-ground accent lights that point upwards. They give the appearance to a robber that someone is right behind that window waiting for them to make a move. To get the most use of these in-ground accent lights (which can be found in the landscape lighting section of the website) place leafy plants on either side, to create shadows that dance off the side of your house.

To illuminate your driveway or a smaller side path to your home, try landscape lights. Landscape lights are small posts, usually less than two feet high, that go into the ground and illuminate your path. A well lit path will prevent burglars from trying to break into your garage or front door, because it gives them the idea that someone is awake inside the house. A well lit path also allows for safe travel from the street into your home on late night when there is not other light available. To maximize décor, Kichler Lighting has an entire line of Kichler Landscape Lights to fit all styles. They range from simplest to most extravagant. Some styles include nautical, animal and woods themed, rustic, and modern. Landscape lights come in all shapes and styles, so choose lighting that match the theme of your home and the rest of your outdoor lighting décor. For maximum illumination, place two taller post mounted outdoor lights at the end of your drive at the main street side. Put your security stickers (real or fake) in plain view right here, to deter unlawful entry

Lighting your front door is very important; not only for deterring burglaries, but for providing enough light to fetch your house keys and unlock the fortress. We always recommend flanking a pair of Wall Mounted Outdoor Lights around the front door, even if they are the only lights in your outdoor scheme. If one side of your door does not allow for a light, than use only one. We cannot stress the importance of illuminating this area of your home, because this is not a spot where you do want someone lurking in the shadows, waiting for you to come home.

To maximize outdoor lighting décor, place in-ground accent lights at the base of trees and plants to cast shadows and accent your landscape. Line your deck or patio with outdoor deck lights, and mount on every third post for unobtrusive lighting that illuminates a great area of space. For indoor patios or lanais try outdoor chandeliers and wall sconces, to bring the feel of the indoors outside. Kichler Lighting provides a wide array of outdoor lighting products that fulfill all of your exterior lighting needs, including safety and style. For solid cast brass outdoor lighting, try H.A Framburg whose line includes a large selection of post mount lanterns, wall mounted exterior lights, and post lights. Murray Feiss Lighting also carries an entire line of stylish and coordinating outdoor lighting fixtures at affordable prices.

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!