Living Room Lighting Tips

When selecting lighting for your living room or family room, you have to first consider all of the activities that occur here, so you can make an educated decision based on all of your available facts. This is a high traffic area, where family and friends gather for fun and entertainment. This can include quiet talks by the fire place, television watching, video game playing, reading, or it can just be an arena to hold a social gathering. It is wise to have enough lighting to suit each mood because of the room's many effects.

First, all of our lighting designers recommend layering your lighting. As we mentioned before, wall sconces are a great way to create ambient lighting. Wall sconces can be used to hang on either side of your couch, television or fire place. If you hang a pair of wall sconces on either side of your couch to create ambience, we always recommend using Swing Arm Wall Sconces, which often times contain three way bulbs, and can be set to maximum wattage to double as task lighting. Swing Arm Wall Sconces are perfect when one person in the room wants to read or sew, and another just wants to kick back and enjoy television without being disturbed by a glaring light. We suggest installing the swing arm wall lamps so that the bottoms of the lamp shades are just above eye level, to prevent a glare from the bulb. We all know how distracting those little blue spots can be! Check our section of Swing Arm Wall Sconces, by designers like Visual Comfort and Murray Feiss.

Table Lamps, also have this wonderful effect, and both ideas are the perfect way to get the greatest bang for your buck. To choose the right height for your table lamps, you want to be sure that the bottom on the shade is just above eye level, so you are not staring directly into a bare bulb. We recommend you peruse the Frederick Cooper Collection, for more traditional table lamps- Kichler Lighting Table Lamps or try ELK Lighting Table Lamps.

For overhead lighting, you want to choose something that has a high maximum wattage, and you would select this light based on your ceiling height. For living rooms, Pendants, Chandeliers and Semi-flush Mounted Lightsare most popular. The overhead lighting is the glue that brings your lighting design scheme together, so be sure to tie in colors and style. Many of our collections contain numerous styles, so when purchasing something, be sure to check for the related products. And, don't be afraid to call. If there is something you would like, but don't see it on the site, a member of our experienced lighting design team is always standing by, ready to help!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!