Kitchen Lighting Tips

You will see that there are many ways to light up a kitchen and all roads point to one thing, bright lights and lots of them! There is so much going on in the kitchen that simply using recessed can lighting is just not enough. The kitchen is, and always will be, a high traffic area. Whether you are fixing a quick cup of coffee or a brunch fit for a king, you need to be certain that your kitchen provides you with the right amount of light to prepare your meals from start to finish.

A great way to illuminate your countertop workspace is using under cabinet lighting. The fluorescent bulbs provide a cool and crisp beam of light that shines directly where you prepare your meals. They are hidden from plain view, and are used simply for task purposes. It is a great, unobtrusive way to provide a great beam of light specifically where you need it, without creating a blinding blanket effect. We recommend you peruse the Kichler Lighting line, which provides an affordable array of under cabinet lighting that will suit your needs.

The sink is also an area in which direct lighting is needed. Depending on the size of your sink area, we always recommend overhead pendant lighting. This is an area in which we try to use decorative lighting, since you are not trying to illuminate a large workspace. Florescent or halogen bulbs are really not necessary, as you will see that a 75-100 Maximum Wattage fixture will brightly illuminate even the largest double sink on the market. For more contemporary pendant lighting, try ELK Lighting's Pendants, which range in size and style and are quite affordable. Kichler Lighting also has a stunning line of Tiffany Pendants , which add just the right touch of color and style to any area. For a more traditional pendant, in a solid cast metal, we recommend you try Pendants by H.A Framburg , whose line of solid cast brass lighting fixtures fit perfectly in kitchens and dinettes.

Kitchen Islands are also a perfect way to show off your decorative edge, but we always warn our clients to be task specific. Kitchen Islands are designed for easy cooking, cleaning and preparing of food, all of which require a high lumen output. For your convenience, we have sectioned off our Island Lights, which are designed to illuminate an island area while adding a touch of style. They come in two or three lights, and hang on a straight across bar. The light points directly downwards, and typically has a maximum wattage of 100 per socket. Kichler Lighting, has a wide selection of Island lights, and they a carry a beautiful line of Tiffany Style Island Lights. Another choice for beautiful fixtures are Murray Feiss Island Lights which range from wrought iron to heavy metals. For a heavier, more traditional look, we recommend H.A Framburg Island Lights whose entire line is made of solid cast brass.

Just remember, task lighting does not have to be ugly! While bright light is a must, many manufacturers have designed a beautiful selection of task lights, perfect for any kitchen. If you need help selecting the perfect set of lights to illuminate your kitchen, we have a knowledgeable staff of lighting designers standing by to serve you better!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!