Foyer and Entryway Lighting Tips

Nothing says 'home sweet home' like feeling you get when you walk through your front door. Even the longest and hardest days seem to melt away when you flip your light switch and toss your keys on the side table. Some top lighting designers in the industry say that with the right amount of light, in all the right places, everyone who enters your home will be blessed with that same feeling. The key is layering your lighting!

For those of you working with eight to ten foot ceilings, keep in mind that you must have a minimum of seven foot clearance. So, when selecting your fixture be sure to measure first. The last thing you want is people bashing their heads when they come in the house! Width is also a key factor, because if your area is large, you will want to choose one of our wider ceiling mounted lights. If you have less than ten inches to work with, try perusing the Flush Mounts section of our website. If you have between ten and eighteen inches, then you might want to try a semi-flush mounted light or a small chandelier (also called a "chandelette").

For higher ceilings, be sure not to choose a fixture too small. According to some of our lighting designers, most people have a hard time visualizing a chandelier in their entry, and choose something far too small. Although a four foot chandelier may be quite massive in comparison to the norm, it does not seem so large when hanging twenty feet in the air. Be sure to choose a fixture that will properly fill the space you have. If you have a two story foyer, you must select a two story (or more) chandelier. If your ceiling height is above eighteen feet, you do not want to choose a lighting fixture with a height of less than four feet. Last but not least, the fixture that you choose is going to set the tone for the décor for the rest of your home. Be sure to choose something that you love!

If overhead lighting is king then accent lighting is queen. Try pairing some accent lamps on a side table, to cast a diffused light around a small section of your foyer. It gives the illusion of peaceful quietness. Wall Sconces are also a great way to add ambience. If you have a staircase in your foyer, then select wall sconces that coordinate with your overhead light, and set them shoulder height at every third step. When your overhead light is out, your wall sconces allow for safe travel up the stairs, almost calling out for bedtime. If you do not have a staircase, then try pairing sconces on either side of a mirror. The light will dance off the mirror, and allow for a warm and intimate feeling when you first open your front door. You want to allow the light to dance off the walls without drowning them. Let the light come from different heights and cast shadows in different directions to set the right mood.

The foyer is the introduction to your home, and it's going to speak volumes for the personality of your entire home. So, when keeping all these tips in mind, also be sure to light it with love!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!