Bedroom Lighting Tips

While darkness is key for nighttime, with the onset of new technology came the need for more light in the bedroom. Once a place for sanction and sleep, our bedrooms are now doubling for offices, exercise rooms, and home theaters! Over the years, bedrooms have gotten much larger, and therefore require much more thought into what your lighting needs might be.

When selecting your overhead lighting, choose something close to the ceiling with a high maximum wattage. Your overhead lighting will be the main source of light, used when you are changing the sheets, laying out your children's school clothes, or changing a dirty diaper. We recommend installing this light in the center of the room, with a flip switch when you first open the bedroom door. Dimmer switches are a great way to control the overall flow of light, install a dimmer switch or hand held dimmer remote.

Task lighting is key for the bedroom, and this is where it gets a bit tricky. You want to select task lighting that will illuminate direct light to a workspace, but we do not want it to be too bright. The secret to selecting the perfect bedroom lights is that we want them to be turned on without disturbing anyone else who might share the room. A great way to do this is with Swing Arm Wall Sconces, which are installed on either side of the bed. They are independently controlled by switches on the wall lamps itself, so they can be turned on and off without disturbing anyone else in the room. They are most well known for their functionality and style.

Bedside Lamps also serve this purpose, and add a decorative aspect to your nightstands. There are so many different styles of accent and bedroom lamps to choose from, so a great designer tip is to choose something that coordinates with your bedroom set. Crystal Table Lamps and Brass Table Lamps accent rich mahogany beautifully. If you have a warm or rich wooden set, we recommend the Waterford Crystal Table Lamps and Accent Lamps. For an extensive collection, we encourage you to look through the Murray Feiss Table Lamps, which are chic and affordable. Colorful Tiffany Style Table Lamps, scream designer quality when coupled with a simple traditional set, and you can view a large selection provided by Kichler Lighting. For modern bedroom sets, we encourage you to look at ELK Lighting's Table Lamps, line, which add a nice contrast of color to the stark lines of contemporary style.

For a child's rooms be sure to keep nightlights handy so you can check on the kids in the middle of the night without waking them up. Homework areas should be very well lit, using brightly lit desk lamps. For designer grade, try perusing Frederick Cooper Table Lamps. They add a splash of color with their beaded shades.

There should be no blinding lights in your bedroom, and the secret remains layering multiple lights so as to create a warm atmosphere. Place your lighting at different heights and allow it to dance off of the walls. For further assistance, we are standing by to serve you better.

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!