Bathroom Lighting Tips

The bathroom is one of the few places in the home where, I think I can safely say, you will not be holding family gatherings and social functions. While the bathroom is a rather low traffic area, its functions are many. All of which require great amounts of task lighting, and we would like to provide you with a few new and interesting ways to do so.

One of the most common bathroom fixtures is the vanity strip light. The vanity strip light is a straight across bar that holds anywhere from two lights to eight lights. You hang the vanity strip light over your bathroom mirrorso that the lighting fixture is directly illuminating your work space (also known as task lighting). You select a vanity strip light based on the size of your mirror, and a good rule of thumb is that you want to try to select a light slightly larger than the mirror, so all of the light bulbs shine on your reflection. Try to coordinate your finish choice with your other bathroom hardware (cabinet handles, showerhead, faucet, etc.) and set your lighting décor around this scheme.

Another choice for illuminating your vanity is to flank your mirror with a pair of wall sconces. Try to select a pair with a high maximum wattage, and steer away from candelabra sconces with fabric shades, because they may cast shadows. We recommend selecting a pair with a clear or white swirl glass cup, so you get the natural light. For task lighting purposes, we always recommend single light vanity lights, which have white or swirled glass globes which diffuse the light best.

When selecting your overhead lighting, you want to choose something that will blanket the entire room with enough light to function. For a standard size bathroom (10 x 10, 8 foot ceilings), we recommend using semi-flush mounted lights. We carry a full line of semi-flush mounted lights that have many bulbs in a small space. In regards to the overhead lighting, 150-180 Watts of light will brightly cover that amount of space.

A nice way to create a little ambience in your bathroom, for those rare occasions where you get to soak in the tub, try an accent lamp on your vanity. If space allows, install a chandelier and put in on a dimmer. When you have guests over dim the lights, to create a warm and inviting feel for your guests. If space does not allow, keep a candle burning for the same effect.

Since bathrooms are typically the smallest room in the house, try to coordinate your lighting scheme within the same family, because the lighting will be so close together. For a retro décor, try ELK Lighting for vanity lights and semi-flush/chandelier combos. They add a splash of color, without going over the top. For more simplistic, metallic sets, geared to matching your bath hardware, try Murray Feiss Lighting or H.A Framburg Lighting.

One last tip, don't skimp on your task lighting, I promise you will regret it later. Select a vanity strip light or pair of wall sconces that are going to illuminate your mirror as much as possible, and an overhead light that will blanket the entire room. Move over dad, brightness is the new king of the bathroom!

Good Luck & Happy Shopping!