Creating a Dramatic Atmosphere with Lighting

"Oooh" and "aaah" those party attendees with some serious dramatic lighting. They’ll be so impressed, they might even forget how much money they spent this holiday season!

Kichler Senna Post Lights & Accessories 10938RNX Outdoor Lighting Tips
Lighting your outdoors in not only necessary for décor and good appearance, but also safety. We use outdoor lighting to safely navigate into our home in the evening hours, when the natural light of the sun no longer illuminates your home. Outdoor lighting is also the number one deterrent for robberies and burglaries, and we would like to give you a few expert tips on proper placement for outside lights so as to maximize both great style and safe keeping...
Currey & Company Bel Aire ' High Dining , 36'' Table 3614 Dining Room Lighting Tips
When people think of illuminating their dining room, most minds go straight to chandeliers to hang over the table. According to lighting designers, what most people don't consider is the many different types of 'dining' that we do...
Living Room Lighting Tips
When selecting lighting for your living room or family room, you have to first consider all of the activities that occur here, so you can make an educated decision based on all of your available facts. This is a high traffic area, where family and friends gather for fun and entertainment. This can include quiet talks by the fire place, television watching, video game playing, reading, or it can just be an arena to hold a social gathering.